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Zhanna Nauryzbaeva

Almaty, Kazakhstan
2003 - 2004 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Executive Director of the Central Asian Institute of Development, Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Fellow project

2003 - 2004: Policymaking process in modern Kazakhstan
The objectives of the project are to study the policy formation and policy decision-making process in modern Kazakhstan; describe its main actors, stages, procedures, and inter-relationships; contribute to advancing understanding of the policy decision-making process within the local policy community; and write a research and policy paper for the Center for International Affairs and Analysis, Public Policy Research Center, Institute of Philosophy and Political Science, Institute for Social Research, Department of Political Science of the Kazak State University, Department of Political Science of Almaty State University, and the "Strategy" Center for Political Studies.

Working groups: Policy Networks and Administrative Reform, Building Institutions
Relevant countries: Kazakhstan

Advanced Fellow and Project Finder #2
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