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Anna Kukuruza

Kharkiv/Kiev, Ukraine
1999 - 2001 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Co-founder of Ukraine's first early intervention center, Kharkiv

Fellow projects

2000 - 2001: Eastern Ukraine's first Early Intervention Center for children with disabilities and developmental delays
The objectives of the project are to establish an operating Early Intervention Center working in three main directions: Early Intervention Service, Dissemination of Information and Education on Early Intervention, and Early Intervention Research; and develop a policy paper in the field of public medicine/health.

Working groups: Children's Services Policy, Public Health Policy
Relevant countries: Ukraine

1999 - 2000: Early intervention centers for children with disabilities: A model for Ukraine
The objectives of the project are to develop a policy paper in the field of public medicine and health, devise a model for early intervention centers for physically and mentally retarded children, and promote early rehabilitation for such children to prevent juvenile disabilities.

Working groups: Public Health Policy, Children's Services Policy, Equal Opportunities
Relevant countries: Ukraine

Advanced Fellow and Project Finder #2
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