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Irina Kazaryan

Yerevan, Armenia
2002 - 2006 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Head of the Department of Pharmacy, Armenian National Institute of Health.

Fellow projects

2005 - 2006: Pharmaceutical policy in Armenia: Promoting transparency and accountability
The objectives of the project are to expand previous research results regarding the development of pharmaceutical policy in Armenia by exploring the issues of transparency and accountability; provide further argumentation for policy makers to consider the approval of a National Pharmaceutical Policy Implementation plan; assess the lack of good governance in the pharmaceutical sector of Armenia and several other Newly Independent States; develop transparency and accountability mechanisms for each specific pharmaceutical sector area where relevant; provide policy recommendations on promoting transparency and accountability; develop special curricula for the post-graduate education of pharmacists; and write research and policy study including policy recommendations for Armenian policy makers.

Working groups: Public Health Policy
Relevant countries: Armenia

2002 - 2003: Developing a national pharmaceutical policy in Armenia
The objectives of the project are to make a comprehensive assessment of pharmaceutical service in Armenia and on-going trends, identify problems and recommend well-researched strategies for reform, formulate the main principles of a national pharmaceutical policy; and produce a research and policypaper for the Ministry of Health.

Working groups: Public Health Policy
Relevant countries: Armenia

Fellow's bibliography

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