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Archil Gegeshidze

Tbilisi, Georgia
2005 - 2006 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Senior Fellow, Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, Tbilisi, Georgia

Fellow project

2005 - 2006: Georgia in the new Wider Europe context: Bridging divergent interpretations
The objectives of the project are to analyze the implications of Georgia's inclusion in the European Commission's New Neighborhood Policy (NNP); formulate a coherent vision of Georgia's future role and place in an enlarging Europe; develop policy recommendations for decision-makers both in Georgia and the European Commission (EC) to accommodate outlooks and expectations for the outcomes of Georgia's participation in the NNP, and write a research paper and policy study with recommendations for policymakers in Georgia and the EC.

Working groups: The Caucasus: Conflict Prevention
Relevant countries: Georgia

Advanced Fellow and Project Finder #2
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