Nadezhda Fedotova

The Role of MGIMO (Moscow State Institute of
International Relations) in Social Transformation.

Being part of the international research project "The Role of Universities in the Transformation of Societies" I propose to combine elements of institutional, national and thematic case study.

Elements of thematic case study (July - August 2002):
As a part of the national case study I would like to examine (September - mid November 2002):

Methodology: literature review.

Elements of the institutional case study (mid November - mid February 2003):

I will examine changes within universities (in my case - within MGIMO in particular) and university systems in each of the following respects:

(i) programme and curriculum changes;
(ii) changes in the composition of students;
(iii) changes in research policies and funding;
(iv) changes in governance and decision-making.

Institutional aspects of changes (within MGOMO in particular) are connected with the global changes, understanding of relations between universities and society in historical perspective.

I will pay attention to some wider historical and political contexts

Methodology: literature review, public documents analysis.

Analysis of reforms in education in Russia (March -  June 2002).

The proposed in Russia reforms of educational system is driven by both external and internal factors. I would like to understand how international context affects educational reforms and what are the internal forces, influence of globalisation on educational processes, what is going to be unchanged.

I intend to analyse both the debates over the reforms and the contents of the reforms and evolution of official position as well.

I intend to lluminate the normative issue of what the role of MGIMO (in particular) and universities (in general) should be in social transformations (mid February-March 2003).

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