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Last Update: 15 February, 2009


About the Project  



Project Topic:

Reinvigorating Regional Cooperation Through Fostering Local Initiative: A Proposal For Reform Of the Stability Pact For Southeast Europe


The project is part of the 2002 International Policy Fellowships Program



Gergana Dimitrova


Project Objectives:

Two years after its launch the Stability Pact for Southeastern Europe has reached a stalemate. Balkan cooperation, vital for ensuring lasting peace, has stalled, too. The objectives of this project are to identify strategies for overcoming the current stalemate regarding the Stability Pact for Southeast Europe; propose recommendations for reforming the current structure of Southeast Europe cooperation by enacting a bottom-up approach to regional collaboration and nurturing local initiative; and write a research and policy paper in the field of Conflict Prevention in Southeast Europe in coordination with mentors for Stability Pact officials, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and relevant NGOs. 



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