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Time Schedule of the Research for the 2002 International Policy Fellowships (IPF)

Issue Area: Information Policy. Information Technology Applications for Curbing Public-Sector Corruption.


Time Schedule

 February 2002:

* analysis and assessment of the data acquired during the preparatory phase of the research; identification of further appropriate steps and research strategies

* consultations with advisors

March 2002:

* a detailed analysis of printed and on-line resources (governmental documents; internal memoranda, press releases, and official reports of governmental and non-governmental actors) and a detailed study of selected newspaper information

* identification of the main actors in the field of fighting corruption

April-May 2002:

* in-depth examination of information provided by local informants (persons who have already been contacted or will be contacted in order to facilitate the research)

* contacting the persons (via e-mail and phone) who will be interviewed (the set of interviewed persons will include (1) public officials; (2) activists and employees of relevant NGOs; and (3) employees and owners of important software providers)

* personal and e-mail interviews with the persons identified during the preceding stages of the research (first research and interview trip to Prague) 

June 2002:

* formulation of the first draft of the project paper

* conducting personal interviews and obtaining further data (second research and interview trip to Prague) 

* conducting email interviews

July-August 2002:

* analysis of data from primary and secondary sources and from personal and e-mail interviews

* analysis of secondary sources dealing with other East European countries and setting up a suitable comparative framework

* refining the first draft

* establishing further contacts with persons (via e-mail and phone) who will be interviewed and consulted

September 2002:

* discussion and consultations with scholars, experts, and individuals involved in the field of curbing corruption in the Czech Republic and abroad

* considering a concrete implementation strategy, foreseeing implementation problems

October 2002:

* contacting further persons (via e-mail and phone) who will be interviewed

* conducting personal interviews (third interview trip to Prague); analyzing the data from the interviews

* incorporating considered implementation problems to the draft paper

November-December 2002:

* analyzing acquired data

* further revising the draft of the project paper, including a final assessment of implementation strategies

January 2003:

* submission of the final version of the paper and dissemination of the results