Zarana Papic

Curriculum Vitae

Born in 1949 in Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina. 1968 Finished High School in Belgrade. 1974 graduated in sociology at the Belgrade University, Faculty of Philosophy. From 1976 active in the first ex-Yugoslav feminist initiatives and activities in Belgrade and Zagreb. Attended the first Women´s Studies course at the Inter-university Centre in Dubrovnik in 1976. One of the organizers of the first International feminist conference in Eastern Europe, held in Belgrade in October 1978. From 1979 until 1983 worked as editor, and from 1983 until 1989 as editor-in-chief of the University & Student´s Publishing Center in Belgrade. 

The school year 1983-1984 spent in Paris on the French government scholarship at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. 

Obtained her MA degree in Social Anthropology 1986, at the Inter-disciplinary Department of Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade with a thesis “Feminist Critique of Sociology’, which was published as a book Sociology and Feminism.

In 1989 appointed as Assistant in Social Anthropology at the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, University of Belgrade. In 1995 obtained her PhD degree with the thesis “Dialectics of Sex and Gender - Nature and Culture in the Contemporary Social Anthropology”. Promoted to the position of Assistant Professor in 1995. Teaches Socio-Cultural Anthropology at the Departmens of Sociology, and Archeology. Teaches Gender Studies as an optional course for all students of the Faculty of Philosophy. Theoretical interests: critical history of anthropology, anthropology of gender, feminist theory, postmodern feminism. Currently writing on Serbian nationalism, war and patriarchy, and the social position of women in post-socialist countries.

In 1992 among eight women-founders of the Women´s Studies Center in Belgrade as an alternative, extra-mural center of intellectual (and anti-war) women´s activities. Professor at the Women´s Studies Centre in Anthropology of Gender(s). One of three women-professors who introduced Gender Studies course at the Faculty of Philosophy; Belgrade in 1993. Involved in feminist and anti-war activities in Belgrade.

Since 1992 member of the Advisory Board of Belgrade Women’s Studies Center. Member of the organizing committee of the Eastern European Feminist Conference “What Can We Do For Ourselves?” held in Belgrade, June 1994. Country Contact for Serbia for the European Forum of Left Feminists; 1982-86 Regional Representative at the Editorial Board of Women´s Studies International Forum; member of the International Advisory Board of the Studies on Women Abstracts; member of the Editorial Board of the Belgrade Women´s Studies journal Zenske studije (Women´s Studies), 1996-1998 editor-in-chief of the journal Sociologija, Belgrade. 

Member of International Editorial Board of SAGE Book Series Gender and Society; 1997-1999 Professor at the Advanced Introductory Post-graduate Course: Summer School of Network of Interdisciplinary Women’s Studies in Europe (NOISE); Professor at the Summer University of the Transéuropeenes Network (Paris). 

Since 1997 a member of the Scientific Committee of the Transéuropéennes Program “Perspective du voisinage dans L’Europe du Sud-Est”. 1997-1998 Member of the Regional Seminar Of The Project On Gender And Culture, at the Central European University, Budapest. Winter 1996 spent as visiting researcher with Maison des Siences de l’Homme (Paris). Associated researcher at the Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale – Collège de France, Paris. In 1998 project coordinator of The Cooperation Project In Women Studies Between France And Countries Of Ex-Yugoslavia: “Le corps civil et politique – la nation male” - quelle Europe pour le femmes: transition, post-socialisme, post-guerre: intégrations transeuropéennes.

Member of the Alternative Academic Educational Network – AAEN (Department of Social Sciences and Humanities), Belgrade, established in September 1998. 


1. Antropologija zene (Anthropology of Woman), edited by with Lydia Sklevicky, Prosveta, Beograd, 1983.

2. Sociologija i Feminizam (Sociology and Feminism), Istrazivacko-izdavacki centar, Beograd, 1989.

3. Polnost i kultura – Telo i znanje u savremenoj antropologiji (Gender And Culture: Body And Knowledge In Contemporary Anthropology), Edicija XX vek i Institut za socioloska istrazivanja Filozofskog Fakulteta, Beograd, 1997.