Grant Recipient: Asomudin Atoev
Project Name: Fellowship 2004/Intellectual Property and the Internet in Central Asia
Grant Period: February 1,2004 to December 31, 2004
Project Code: B9158
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1Tajikistani NGO Youth Opportunities in partnership with an American based NGO Khujand Computer Technologies has been working on localization of Linux Mandrake for the last 3 years.

2EdNet ( – Academy of Education Network has mission to support development of economics and business education in Central Asia through an effective international resource network.

3Tajik language is Persian-based language. The only principal difference between these two languages is the alphabets used. Tajik alphabet is Cyrillic-based, while Persian alphabet makes use of Arabic one.

4NGO “Open Standards” was in the process of registration with Ministry of Justice.

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